Location : Goregaon

Photographer : Yamini Krishna

Where Sustainability Meets Synergy

TATA AIG partnered with JTCPL Designs for the third time to create a sustainable and employee-centric office space. Inspired by the metaphor of a tree, the design represents TATA AIG’s protective policies that nurture and spread like the shade of a tree. The 60,000 sq ft space follows eco-friendly practices, with refurbished furniture and fittings to reduce waste.

The office boasts open and airy spaces, spacious aisles, and interconnected circulation areas that encourage collaboration and well-being. Vibrant colours, bean bags, cycles, and an amphitheatre add a lively touch, appealing to young and dynamic talent. Completed in just 60 days, this new workspace provides TATA AIG’s team with a comfortable and homely environment.

Experience a sustainable and nurturing workspace designed by JTCPL Designs for TATA AIG, where protection and well-being thrive.


Embrace sustainable excellence


Collaborative spaces for team synergy


Inspiring energy and vibrancy

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