Fusion of Scandinavian elegance and vibrant Indian artistry, fostering collaboration.

Covering 40,000 square feet across two floors, the Spaces workspace is designed to inspire creativity and collaboration. The Scandinavian-inspired interiors, featuring soothing neutral hues and light wood accents, create a serene yet invigorating atmosphere reflective of Mumbai’s vibrant energy.

Witty lines adorn the walls, adding humour and motivation, while the open ceiling concept seamlessly blends industrial aesthetics with Scandinavian sophistication. Spaces offers a sanctuary for forward-thinking minds, igniting productivity and fostering meaningful connections in the heart of Mumbai’s ever-evolving landscape.


Spaces seamlessly integrates Scandinavian elegance with vibrant Indian artistry, creating a unique and inspiring workspace environment that celebrates India's rich cultural heritage.


From contemporary Mumbai imagery to evocative photographs of Varanasi, Spaces' captivating art curation provides a visually stimulating and culturally enriching experience for the team.


Spaces achieves a harmonious blend of aesthetics that combines Scandinavian sophistication with vibrant Indian energy, fostering creativity and collaboration.

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