LT Foods


Location : Gurugram

Photographer : Avesh Gaur

Inspired by Tradition, Designed for Success

JTCPL Designs collaborated with LT Foods to create an organic and vibrant workspace tailored to their young and energetic team. The design maximises natural light, uplifts mood, and boosts productivity. Integrating traditional and modern elements, meeting rooms, phone booths, and collaborative areas were customised to cater to the diverse workforce. The design reflects LT Foods’ core values and 70-year-old brand style, fostering a professional and welcoming environment that supports productivity, collaboration, and communication.

We partnered with leading food brand LT Foods to design a comprehensive and accessible workspace. Inspired by their brand style and core values, we created a contemporary design with a timeless touch. Incorporating elements from the rice industry, such as custom rice patterns on glass frosting film and vertical bands symbolising crops, the space reflects LT Foods’ primary area of work. Maximising natural light, balancing round ceiling lights with acoustically treated sound clouds, we curated an enriching working experience that revitalises emotional well-being.


Organic and Free-flowing Workspace Design


Seamless Integration of Traditional and Modern Elements


Comprehensive Work Areas Reflecting Brand Value

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