KBS Creations


JTCPL Designs embarked on a journey to transform an empty RCC shell into a world-class workspace and a tribute to ‘The eternal feminine’ and the timeless elegance of diamonds.
Each floor at KBS House was designed as a unique chapter in the story of love. To honour the city that KBS calls home, Mumbai’s vivacious imagery and undying spirit adorn the project, celebrating its essence.
The entire journey, from conception to realisation, has been immensely fulfilling for our team. With the highest level of client engagement, we have delivered a project that is functional, aesthetic, and truly path-breaking.


Amalgamation of elegant aesthetics & thoughtful narratives


Bespoke elegance in every detail


Harmonious Fusion of Love and Luxury

JTCPL Designs: Designing A Better Tomorrow for You

JTCPL Designs excels in crafting innovative and bespoke designs that cater to our Clients' unique needs. Our team of skilled designers, architects, and project managers collaborates closely with Clients to comprehend their requirements and preferences, delivering functional and visually captivating designs. Our commitment to excellence has earned us esteemed recognition and numerous accolades, establishing us as a prominent interior design firm in India.