Fractal Analytics


Transforming Workspaces, Empowering Success

Fractal Analytics, a multinational AI company based in New York, partnered with JTCPL Designs to create their Mumbai office space. The four-floor project boasts an open-plan layout with well-equipped meeting rooms. A standout feature is the strategically positioned “Singularity” boardroom, designed to maximise natural light through expansive glazing areas.

Other floors cater to diverse functions such as training rooms, libraries, and data centers. The facility includes a versatile cafeteria that doubles as a yoga and fitness space, hosting town hall meetings and office events. It offers amenities to accommodate special needs, including health bays, a lactation room, and all-faith prayer rooms. Ergonomic workstations, including height-adjustable options, enhance comfort and well-being. The project incorporates advanced technology features such as face recognition cameras, touch-free access points, and state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities.

We are truly inspired by our collaboration with Fractal Analytics, witnessing their dedication to good food, health, and well-being throughout the design process. The facility sets the stage for a thriving environment, fostering the growth and success of this dynamic team.


Open-Plan Layout Fostering Communication and Interaction


Ergonomic Workstations Promoting Health and Flexibility


Multi-Purpose Cafeteria with Yoga and Fitness Facilities

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