A space where minimalist design principles meet the demands of a modern workspace.

Emirates’ Mumbai premises epitomise the harmonious blend of form and function, where minimalist design principles intersect with the demands of a modern workspace. From the understated elegance of the regional office, with its iconic golden Emirates logo set against a backdrop of dark wood and off-white walls, every aspect of the design reflects the airline’s commitment to sophistication and efficiency.

With its refined ambience and meticulous attention to detail, the Emirates experience extends beyond the skies, resonating within the heart of Mumbai’s bustling business district. Emirates’ Mumbai premises redefine the modern workspace, embodying the airline’s unwavering commitment to luxury and service in every aspect of its operations.


Emirates' workspace harmoniously integrates practicality and visual appeal, creating an environment that enhances productivity while exuding sophistication.


Graphic elements strategically integrated throughout the space immerse visitors in the Emirates brand, reinforcing the airline's values and creating a memorable experience for guests.


From premium substrates and finishes to strategically placed branding signage, every aspect of the design reflects Emirates' commitment to excellence.

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