Eagle Hills

Abu Dhabi

Location : Abu Dhabi

Collaborators : HTS Interiors

Photographer : Yamini Krishna

Bringing The Comfort of Home to Workplace

JTCPL Designs, in collaboration with HTS Interiors, seamlessly transformed the Eagle Hills office in Abu Dhabi into a captivating resimercial space within a tight timeframe and budget. The office boasts panoramic views of the Persian Gulf, with floor-to-ceiling transparent walls. The reception area exudes a warm and inviting ambiance through light-hued walls, textured panels, and wooden flooring.

Designed to foster collaboration and team spirit, the office features open-door cabins and a circular space. Strategically placed seating areas near windows bring in abundant natural light, promoting productivity and well-being. Accent lighting, comfortable lounge seating, and tasteful minimalistic artefacts add touches of inspiration and creativity to the work environment.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics at Eagle Hills, a testament to our commitment to creating engaging and stimulating workspaces.


Design that blends comfort and professionalism


Integration of nature and modern aesthetics


Smart office layout for fostering team collaboration

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