Established in 2012, Aequitas has strived to revolutionise traditional approaches to wealth generation. Reflecting this vision, the office design offers a seamless and dynamic workspace for its compact yet highly efficient team.

MZM Legal

An Artful Workspace

Departing from traditional lawyer's offices, MZM Legal offers a refreshing ambience that captivates visitors from the moment they step into the reception area

Al Adheed


Step into a world where design meets justice, inspired by the circle of Life. Our project showcases a central helix-shaped reception desk, radiating warmth and hospitality. Embrace the seamless experience with digital kiosks, catering to all visitors with care.

BNP Paribas


Step into a world of innovation as BNP Paribas embraces a transformation at Mumbai's prestigious Nirlon Knowledge Park. Our collaboration transcended boundaries, designing over 250,000 sq ft of Platinum LEED-certified space across multiple buildings and floors. Amidst the pandemic storm, JTCPL Designs emerged triumphant, crafting a versatile environment that unites BNP Paribas' diverse entities.



Embark on a journey with TATA AIG, a leading insurance company, as we unveil their visionary 60,000 sq ft office space. Symbolising their core values and unwavering commitment to sustainability, this project showcases an eco-friendly design adorned with refurbished furniture, open spaces, and a vibrant color palette.

Eagle Hills

Abu Dhabi

Step into a transformed space at the Eagle Hills office in Abu Dhabi. Experience the interplay of warm hues and textures that elevate the layout, fostering a vibrant office culture. Open-door cabins and spacious passageways encourage seamless cross-team collaboration. Explore the details of this engaging resimmercial space.

Touchstone Partners


The workspace for Touchstone Partners reflects their ambition, collaboration, and discipline. Overlooking the MCA cricket ground, the workspace fosters collaboration, professionalism, and productivity. Explore the remarkable workspace we created for Touchstone Partners, and experience the embodiment of excellence in design and functionality.

Fractal Analytics


JTCPL Designs created an exceptional workspace for Fractal Analytics in Mumbai. With open-plan layouts, ample meeting rooms, and stunning amenities, the design maximises natural light and fosters team well-being. Experience a workspace that inspires growth and success.



Our project Taraf, featured in Office Snapshots, epitomises a sophisticated workspace for Taraf Holdings, Dubai's boutique real estate developer.

Sports For All


Experience the Sports For All (SFA) office, a vibrant space embodying sportsmanship and national pride. Inspired by the Indian flag, it unites teams and fosters a sense of belonging. With a playful design aligned with SFA's tagline, 'Ab Jeetega India,' this workspace inspires greatness. Collaborating with SFA, dedicated to promoting sports nationwide, is an honour. Together, we aspire to shape a victorious future.

KBS Creations


Step into the enchanting realm of KBS House, an extraordinary workspace and experience centre brought to Life by the creative brilliance of JTCPL Designs. Delve into the rich heritage of KBS Creations, a global enterprise renowned for crafting exquisite diamond rings. Welcome to a place where elegance and emotions harmoniously converge.

RPG Life Sciences


RPG Life Sciences, a leading name in the pharmaceutical industry, has undergone a remarkable transformation, turning their workspace into an oasis of tranquillity and inspiration. This exceptional workspace has garnered the spotlight in Office Snapshots, a prestigious platform dedicated to the most innovative office designs from all over the world.

Space 1


Our commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in every detail of Space 1's workspace, from the layout and materials chosen to the colour palette and lighting solutions. Sustainability is a cornerstone of our design philosophy, with each design choice emphasising eco-consciousness. Space 1 stands as a testament to the synergy of design philosophies and the harmonious blend of innovation and elegance.

MITM (Saahil Mehta)


A multifaceted space where passion meets professionalism, Saahil Mehta's workspace - MITM is a testament to thoughtful design. With distinct areas for security and collaboration, the office caters to his dynamic personality. From the executive cabin with its switchable glass wall to the inspiring open spaces adorned with art and natural elements, every detail embodies functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Resolüt Partners


Introducing Resolüt Partners - where sophistication meets functionality. Our meticulously designed office space exudes professionalism and refined taste. With abstract art and a biophilic undertone, experience an atmosphere of gravitas. Discover a purposeful space that elevates your professional aspirations.

A W Rostamani


Experience a transformative workspace at A W Rostamani's Headquarters in Dubai, UAE, crafted by JTCPL Designs. Reflecting diversity and upholding core values of excellence, integrity, and commitment, this visionary project embodies AWR's dedication to enhancing Lives. Discover the perfect balance of classic sophistication and vibrant energy in this groundbreaking workspace.



Lintas, a renowned advertising powerhouse, partnered with us for their workspace design project. The project involved transitioning Lintas from their iconic Express Towers office to a new workspace that reflected their stature and brand recall.

Adventum Wealth


Welcome to the Adventum Wealth office, a JTCPL Designs creation that serves as a sanctuary for the mind. With stunning views, this space sparks innovation and fosters collaboration. Featuring spacious glass-walled cabins, it embraces natural light and inclusivity.

Infina Insure


We transformed Infina Insure's workspace by seamlessly fusing Art Deco elegance with modern innovation. Traverse through zones of collaborative excellence, where the interplay of natural light and meticulously selected hues creates an inspiring environment.

LT Foods


Experience our collaboration with LT Foods, creating a fluid and natural workspace that maximises productivity. Reflecting their values, our design blends tradition and modernity, symbolising their brand. Discover a professional yet welcoming environment for their dynamic team.


Indradhanush is an awe-inspiring architectural project that seamlessly combines design and functionality. This remarkable workspace is featured in Architectural Digest. The spatial planning follows a linear geometry, ensuring a seamless flow throughout the workspace. This design approach reflects a commitment to simplicity and efficiency.