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People often ask me, “What is your secret of success in both, your personal and professional life?”

14 years ago, my entrepreneurial journey of workspace design and build started with a dream. I set out to design and build offices for the finest corporate institutions in the world with an ambition and the will to make it come true. Over the years, I had my share of ups and downs, successes and failures but the one thing that remained constant from Day Zero however, was making every experience count. I have consciously made an effort to learn from every opportunity, to help me develop a cohesive approach that I call the 5D Approach. The 5Ds – Dream, Dare, Determine, Discipline and Deliver – have aided me immensely in achieving and stretching my ambition. Today, I work with a team that comprises some of the best professionals in the industry and am looking to make the next 10X leap.

In addition to my business success, I’ve also realized my goals and more in the sport of running. When I began running, I could barely run for two minutes. Eight years later, not only have I have accumulated heaps of valuable running experience but have also participated in a number of marathons, recording my timing in the top 10% of recreational runners. It is a great feeling to be where I am today, much of which I owe to the 5D Approach.

This isn’t a mantra or a philosophy, but a simple approach I built through learning from my experiences. Applying these 5Ds helped me set goals and achieve success in both, my personal and professional life and I share these with you with the hope that it helps you achieve the impossible, just the way it helped me.


A dream is not something you see when you go to sleep rather something you live with your eyes open. In the words of George Bernard Shaw,

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and say, ‘Why not?”

When I started out in the fields of both, workspace design and running, all I had was a dream– one that I believed in, worked towards turning into reality and worshipped to actually come true. A dream is that channel for aspirations, which over time and maturity develops a tangible form. A specific and granular dream ensures clarity, which then requires careful handling, nurturing and even immense dedication.



A shackled, chained and inhibited dream is not a dream. There were often moments in my journey when my dream seemed impossible and unreasonable and in times of distress and crisis, it always seemed to be on the losing end. As human beings, we are extremely critical of ourselves. The minute our dream seems larger than life, we tickle our way out of it and look for excuses. It is in fact when our dreams get questioned, that it needs us the most and we must hold our ground. It is through courage and the challenges we pose to ourselves that we are able to achieve the most difficult of situations. We must learn to dare our dreams, step out of our comfort zones and practice the dare-dream muscles equally.



You may dare yourself to dream and face the challenges that come your way but it is only through setting tangibles and giving yourself objectives that one can focus on achieving the dream one day at a time.

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But what the world needs most is dreamers who do.”

A hazy dream always requires vivid details, specific goals and measurable sub-goals.  It is through focus and determination that visions begin to gain clarity, sharpness and we can actually see the end goal. The journey too, teaches us important lessons and it is integral to remember to celebrate every milestone along the way and enjoy the ride, for however long it lasts.



Discipline is nothing but the bridge between goals and accomplishments. Everything fails if a project is not meticulously handled and that makes discipline extremely important. Once the plan of action has been set, it is time to worship the plan and remain focused to stay on track. It is essential to ensure that your dream stays alive and you are able to move to firm ground through phases of confusion with discipline without getting hassled. I believe the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the discipline in achieving their goals. Once you relentlessly live your dream and worship it day in and day out is when you reach the stage of completion and inch closer to success.


Finishing something is always more important than beginning because ideation without execution is nothing but delusion. We begin a number of things but how many do we finish? Delivering the dream is the most fragile stage of achieving your goal because it is now when intangible things and what was earlier just a thought begin to take shape and get acknowledged by ancillary elements in the project. One can almost taste success- even though it’s only complete when you deliver.

Summing up, the secret of success is fairly simple to understand. Dream- passionately, boldly and dare to walk your dream through the journey of life with determination, discipline and measurable goals to deliver the dream. In the words of Chistopher Reeve,

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”

I would love to hear my readers’ views and thoughts on this approach so that I can further fine tune them. Do get in touch by writing your comments below or follow me on Facebook for more updates.

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    Will be great when work spaces take our breath away and at the same time bring us all together to express our collective intelligence to make our work an expression of art!.

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